The 4 major benefits
are the result of the following
dynamic principles

Absorbing pressure

The ONE-PAD inside the
 Shintronic is uniquely positioned on the flat side
 of the shinbone. This flat surface can deal with
 high amounts of pressure.

Spreading pressure

The ONE-PAD provides a better fit in
 the ski boot by filling the hollow space beween the boot and
 the shinbone. Pressure will be distributed from the sharp
 (sensitive) front side of the shinbone towards the flat side.

Direct steering

The ONE-PAD is in a 45º angle with the ski
 line and transfers steering input directly towards the actual
 ski turn. The Neoprene outer shell helps to do this faster.


The higher ’force-application-point’ improves
 momentum in forward and sideward direction. Automatically
 the ski’s are pushed harder and will carve better.


The Neoprene outer shell provides additional
 damping at the lower leg. Potential intrusive boot rims will
 softly press on Neoprene and not on the sock or skin.


The whole side of the Shintronic relieves the
 ankle bone protrusion and the lower part of the foot as the
 Shintronic is located just above the ankle bone.


The Shintronic comfortably fills the spacing in
 the boot. Legs and shins are optimally supported by a new
 way of lining. This is also very helpful for people with thin legs.


The heel will slightly be levered backwards and will
 have a better fixation. This supports the body posture and the
 knees will be pushed towards the forward ski line.


The upper shaft of the ski boot will perform
 better as applied powers will be distributed better.