The 4 major benefits
are the result of the following
dynamic principles

Absorbing pressure

The ONE-PAD inside the Shintronic is uniquely positioned on the flat side of the shinbone. This part of the shinbone can deal with high amounts of pressure.

Spreading pressure

The ONE-PAD spreads pressure over a long area and fills the hollow space beween calf muscle and shinbone.
It provides a better shape at the front of the boot.

Direct steering

The specific position of the ONE-PAD adds to overall steering and carving abilities. The neoprene shell provides more contact with the boot and the ski.


The higher ’force application point’ improves momentum in forward and sideward direction. The ski is pushed harder and carves better.


The neoprene shell provides damping at the front side of the shin. Any potential intrusive rims of the boot are softly pressing on neoprene instead of on skin.


The whole side of the Shintronic relieves the ankle bone and the lower part of the feet. The Shintronic is positioned just above the ankle bone.


The Shintronic comfortably fills spacing in the boots. Legs and shins are optimally supported by a new way of lining. This is also helpful for people with thin legs.


The heel is slightly pushed backwards and will have a better fixation. This supports the body posture and the knees will bend more towards the forward line.


The shaft of the ski boot is used more effectively. Applied powers are better distributed. All kinds of existing pressure points are relieved.