About 20%

of skiers suffer from discomfort in the ski boots. Hurting shins - shin bang - is issue number one at the bootfitter.

Our capability

The Shintroinc is a Neoprene sports device for skiers and snowboarders. Wear the Shintronic over your ski sock and enjoy the new level of comfort. The one-pad design eliminates pain and provides more control, more grip and more power to all skiers.

More control!

The one-pad in the Shintronic is in direct connection with the side of the shinbone. You can press harder while carving.

Your level of skiing or riding will improve.

More than 50%
of skiers and boarders love our product
for its sportive capacities
If you like to understand the dynamics of the Shintronic, please go to Shintronic.
"My Shintronics are the missing link!"
Shintronics come
in 9 different designs